Reviews for Fates' Fury

Australian author Liz Butcher makes an impressive novel debut with FATES' FURY.This is one impressive debut from an obviously gifted artist who knows how to blend human drama with metaphysical fantasy and mythology to create a splendidly unique novel with visceral force. Very highly recommended.

- Grady Harp, San Francisco Review of Books

Fates’ Fury is an action-packed tale that weaves modern-day Brisbane Australia with ancient mythologies from around the world and will keep you turning pages furiously as the truth of who Jonah truly is unfolds before him and changes his life, and the world, forever.

Liz Butcher is a gifted up and coming author and I’m eagerly looking forward to her next offering!

- Caz H, Amazon

Fate’s Fury is a gripping, ‘edge of your seat’ fantasy, filled with intrigue, mystery & a touch of romance. Throw in 3 young friends, gods from Greek mythology, ancient Egypt, Hades and Indian culture and you have a modern day apocalyptic situation where the very survival of mankind is threatened by the beautiful but deadly trio of Fates.
Strap yourself in for a wild ride that will take you on a journey that gets more and more addictive as you turn each page towards the nail biting climax.
 - Ainy, Goodreads

Reviews for After Dark

"A brilliant collection of spine tingling, mind bending stories that will have you checking under the bed, in the closets and behind the doors before bed...... or you may never sleep again.

Liz Butcher is amazing at making you believe in the unbelievable, she can make you see shadows where there are none and you will definitely be a little unsettled after these awesome spooky reads."
- Elisa via Amazon AU

Fantastic selection of suspenseful stories of varying lengths. This is not a genre I read a lot of and I was pleasantly surprised... the quality of the writing is great and the stories are unique. I made the mistake of reading on my own, at night, and I think I think I'll get goosebumps when I see leafless trees for some time to come! The author does a great job of throwing in a twist when it's least expected!
- Kerry M. via Amazon AU

This collection of short stories will send shivers up your spine! Each one begins so innocently, and then has a sudden twist towards the end that is disturbingly dark. Some are a mere page or so, others longer, but each one draws you into the story and the fate of the main character, which isn't easy in just a few pages.

- Helen via Amazon US

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