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It's been a busy 12-18 months since the release of my short story collection, After Dark last year. Thank you to those who read the book, and an even bigger thank you to those who left a review (we all know how important these are to authors!).

The release of After Dark gave me the confidence to work towards completing my first novel, Fates' Fury - but more about that soon!

My second novel, LeRoux Manor, is in the editing stages (with editor extraordinaire and all-round badass, Kathrin Hutson), which I hope will bring a few chills to you early 2020.

Never, Never is my third novel which I'm working towards completing the first draft as we speak, and I can't wait to get my hands dirty with the editing. This will also hopefully come to you in 2020.

I'm also super excited about the numerous other projects I have in the works, but I'll contain myself and just give you the barest of information for now. The Greys (sci-fi/thriller/paranormal) is a serial collaboration I'm working on with my sister, Candace Farrugia (a talented writer in her own right) which is we're hoping to set flying ASAP. I'm also working on another book that's a total change of pace for me, tentatively titled, Journey. It's an extremely personal project, but I know I can pull it off - so watch this space! Thirdly, I'm working on the lengthy and involved planning for Sunrise, a dark fantasy which includes my first foray into world building...

So it's safe to say that writing keeps me busy (at least, around my day job) and I'm thrilled to finally get it out there for you all to see. I will absolutely keep these posts regular, so you can keep up to date with what's coming, and tell your friends and family!

Thanks again for all the support x

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