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What I've Been Up To

It's been a super busy and challenging couple of months, and I'm so excited for the release of my next book, LeRoux Manor on September 1st. I was absolutely thrilled to receive a prerelease review from Grady Harp, an Amazon Hall of Fame Top 100 reviewer - five stars!

"As with her other stories Liz impresses as an obviously gifted artist who knows how to blend human drama with horror. Very highly recommended."

You can read the whole review here:

If you would like to preorder an ebook copy you can find it here: or via any site you can buy ebooks.

Paperback copies will also become available on release day.


Through July and August I've had some fantastic chats and interviews I wanted to share with you! Reader's Entertainment magazine hosted a fun "Authors and Their Hobbies" blog which I participated in and shared my love of...knitting! That's right, I'm a nanna at heart. You can read it here:


The lovely Heather Weidner featured me in here blog Crazy for Words for #WriterWednesday where she asked a series of flip side questions about writing, things I do/don't like and life in general. Words that describe you: Intelligent, insightful, creative, optimistic, curious.

Words that describe you, but you wish they didn’t: Fickle, pensive, aloof, self-conscious.

You can read the whole article here:


In it's 20th year of publication, Blood Moon Rising Magazine interviewed me about Fates' Fury and the inspiration behind it. We also chatted about the complexity of the characters and in particular the strong female leads.

DWJ: It seems that the women characters have strong personalities and played big parts in the story. Was this planned or did it just seem to write itself? LB: A little of both! Many of the ancient goddesses were strong women, and when I was researching who to include, I want goddess with strengths and skills that complimented each other. While Isis, Inanna and Kali have different attributes, but each of them is fierce in their own way. Then we have Ava who encompasses traits of all three of the goddesses which we see unfold as she grows throughout the book. I wanted to show that women are complex and multifaceted with an inner strength that ensures they’re capable of everything and anything.

You can read the whole interview here:


In August I was invited back for a second blog feature for Reader's Entertainment Magazine where this time the topic was Authors and Their Pets. You get to meet my two cats, Pandora and Zeus and learn of their crazy cat ways.


Next I had a quick chat with Peni Renner for her blog, Musings of an Author which you can find here:


I was also fortunate to have an interview with the awesome Darshaun McAway for the Wow Podcast where we chatted about Fates' Fury and drawing inspiration from our life experiences. You can listen to his show anywhere you can listen to podcasts, and you can have a listen to our chat here:


I hope everyone is keeping well and I look forward to sharing LeRoux Manor with you next week!

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