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A Big Week!

I was so thrilled to garner a 10/10 review from book blogger and reviewer Anthony Avina! He said Never, Never was -

"A mesmerizing, haunting, and highly entertaining read, author Liz Butcher’s horror retelling of the fantasy classic in her novel “Never Never” makes this a must-read novel and a contender for novel of the year of 2021." You can read the entire review here:

My interview with Christina Castaneda for The Savvy Creative Podcast went to air, and it was such an honour to

speak with her again. We had such a blast talking about quitting my day job to write full time and the pro's and con's of that, about the difference in self-doubt between our 20s and our 30s, creating trauma in characters and so much more. You can find the podcast via Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Lisbyn.

Last but not least, his week Writers, After Dark featured my article, The Inspirations of History. I spent a morning out at Toowong Cemetary researching for a current work in progress, which inspired the article. You can read it in it's entirety here:

Coming up we have Behind the Book interviews with VS Holmes and Kristine Raymond! Hope everyone is keeping happy and well x


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