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Brave New World - Aldus Huxley

#4 - January, 2023


Welcome to New London. Everybody is happy here. Our perfect society achieved peace and stability through the prohibition of monogamy, privacy, money, family and history itself. Now everyone belongs.

You can be happy too. All you need to do is take your Soma pills.

Discover the brave new world of Aldous Huxley's classic novel, written in 1932, which prophesied a society which expects maximum pleasure and accepts complete surveillance - no matter what the cost.

Genre: Science Fiction, Dystopian.

Rating: 3/5

Favourite Quotes:

"The light was frozen, dead, a ghost."

"Impulse arrested over, and the flood is feeling, the flood is madness, the flood is passion."

"Did you ever feel as though you had something inside of you that was only waiting for you to give it a chance to come out?"

"The strange words rolled through his mind, rumbled, like talking thunder."

"A man can smile and be a villain."


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