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Danica Raimz & Next Stop: You

Danica Raimz currently lives in Central Florida, but spent most of her life growing up in New York and New Jersey. She's written six books so far. Next Stop: You is a complete standalone. The rest of her books are part of the Awaken My Heart series.

Next Stop: You is a New Adult romantic suspense with a moderate level of steam.

A fun fact about Danica is that the first chapter of Next Stop: You is the only scene she's ever written that came directly from a real-life experience. The rest of the book is pure fiction, but that experience has always made her wonder what would have happened if fate had taken another turn.

You can follow Danica at the below links:

Tiktok handle (and other social media) TT: @danicaraimz IG: @danica.raimz_author FB:


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