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Jaidis Shaw & Destiny Awaits

U.S Author Jaidis Shaw was born in California, but I currently lives in South Carolina.

Aside from her novel, Destiny Awaits, Jaidis also has collection of short stories titled The Lurking

Collection. She also organized a series of three anthologies for her publisher, which included Lurking in the Deep, Lurking in the Shadows, and Lurking in the Mind. Jaidis currently has a short story featuring in Another Beautiful Nightmare, a Women of Horror anthology from

Vamptasy Publishing.

Destiny Awaits is a YA paranormal romance novel geared toward teens but people of all

ages enjoy it. This book is of the Juniper Grove Chronicles, but each book is stand alone. Destiny Awaits is the

only book published so far but book two is underway. Readers will see familiar characters in all

of the novels, but their stories do not overlap so they can be read in any order.

A fun fact about Jaidis is she has a fear of ice!

You can follow Jaidis here:

@jaidisshaw for Tiktok and other social media or via her LinkTree at


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