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Kevin Looney and Echoes of the Forgotten

Kevin Looney is from San Antonio, Texas in the USA and has written two books. Echoes of the Forgotten is the first book of The Winds of Eternity Trilogy.

This week on Bookish Down Under, I featured the first chapter of this book (TikTok) which you watch below.

About Echoes of the Forgotten:

In the kingdom of Uratha, the spirits are charged with an important task. They speed across great distances to deliver words whispered to them by the living. Like all Overseers, Ruhla must impart the messages the spirits bring her.

Twelve years prior, Ruhla was to marry Kaimen — until he started seeing the dead. Ruhla was forced to exile Kaimen because of this curse, and now years have passed since Ruhla last received any communication from him. Then one morning, the spirit of Kaimen’s dead father visits her with a communication from Kaimen. An immortal man named War’ach is coming for his blood. War’ach needs it to complete a ritual that will allow him to assassinate the Overseers.

Ruhla journeys to Kaimen’s secluded cabin, but when she arrives, his home is empty. Is she too late? Will War’ach destroy the kingdom’s entire communication system, along with the Spirit World?

Ruhla is only certain of one thing: if she fails, her people will suffer.


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