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LeRoux Manor - A Hit!

September's off to a flying start with the release of LeRoux Manor on the first, which has garnered some amazing reviews, which I'm shared excerpts of below.

I've also had the pleasure of featuring on the Douglas Coleman Show, where we chatted about real horror vs. imagined horror and what draws people to the genre, as well as writing and finding inspiration in general. You can have listen anywhere you find podcasts, or via the link here:

This month's edition of Top Shelf Magazine featured my article Horror in the Landscape of 2020, and my two cats also made their debut in a fun spread Authors and Their Pets!

Here's a taste for what people are saying about LeRoux Manor!

The Literary Titan Review said: "Liz Butcher has a neat way of penetrating the deepest, darkest parts of the human mind and staying there for a long time, haunting your thoughts and your soul." Five Star Review! You can read the whole review here:

Book Reviewer Anthony Avina said:

"A powerful, gripping YA Horror novel like no other, author Liz Butcher has established a wonderful tale in “LeRoux Manor”. Blending the great atmospheric nature of a good Gothic horror novel with the modern day mystery and suspense element made this story shine, and the shocking final chapter will leave readers reeling as the story concludes. Rating: 10/10"

And Top 100 Amazon Hall of Fame Reviewer, Grady Harp said:

"As with her other stories Liz impresses as an obviously gifted artist who knows how to blend human drama with horror. Very highly recommended."

LeRoux Manor also saw press releases on:

September is far from over, and there's still lots more where this came from! I also have an an exciting new venture launching next month, so watch this space! I hope everyone is staying safe and well, and looking out for each other. Thank you so much for your continued support.

Liz x


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