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MJ Preston & Highwayman

MJ Preston is an author from, Western Canada, and resides in the province of Alberta, in a small town north of the city of Edmonton. MJ has written four full length novels, the first two The Equinox and Acadia Event are horror, while Highwayman and Four, are part of a crime-thriller series. These two books encapsulate one case which is the evolution of and eight year FBI hunt for a serial killer know as the Highwayman. MJ's target audience for this book is anyone who is intrigued by the monsters that walk among us and the law enforcement that hunts them.

A fun fact about MJ is that he was also an Ice Road Trucker, and you can read more about this his interview under the Behind the Book tab!

You can follow MJ at the below links:

Twitter @MJPreston1


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