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What a Month!

The last couple of weeks proved just as busy as the first, and I couldn't be more grateful.

After a much anticipated wait I was finally a guest of Kristine Raymond for her Wordplay Podcast. We talked about the love/hate relationship writers can have with their work, and my desire to continually grow as a writer. You can find the podcast across all platforms or via this link.

I spoke to Tim Neiderriter for the Alive After Reading Podcast where we chatted about writing horror and what separates Dark Fantasy from other types of fantasy. You can find his podcast anywhere you listen to podcasts, or via this link:

I was honoured to write an article for The Nerd Daily, "Over and Over", about the five books I couldn't put down as a child. You can find out what they are here:

Anthony Avina interviewed me for his blog, where we discussed LeRoux Manor and which of its characters I'd want to sit down with and why. You can read it here:

I also started querying my next novel, Never, Never this month and I'm so thrilled to have already received two manuscript requests. While we all know it may go no further than that, I still feel it's a huge deal - and we have to celebrate the small wins along the way! Next month I launch my new blog, Behind the Book, where I'll interview authors from all over the world and across all genres. I look forward to sharing them with you. I thank all of you for supporting LeRoux Manor and I hope you're all happy and well! Liz x


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