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Behind the Book with Caramel Lucas

Liz - This week on Behind the Book I bring the multi-talented Caramel Lucas! Tell us a little about your part of the world and what you love most about it.

Caramel - I love being me. My part of the world is to make people happy and make them feel important. Sometimes people don't know their purpose and I believe my purpose to help and motivate through writing, conversation, etc.

Liz - What was the inspiration behind your book, In Love with the Other Man?

Caramel - To let women and men know that you don't have to settle being unhappy. You can find happiness you just have to find the right person that is for you. I have seen a lot of relationship situations in my life and I felt writing my book will help people relate or know someone who can relate to the book.

Liz - How long did it take you to write?

Caramel - It didn't take me long about 1 (one) month only because once I start to write I don't stop. I have to finish.

Liz - Did you have a specific writing process?

Caramel - Not really. Once I sit down on start typing on the computer characters just start coming to me.

Liz - What would you keep in place or change for the next book?

Caramel - I wouldn't change anything but I would keep all my characters and start writing about a different character's life.

Liz - You host a wonderful podcast called Keepin It Real w/Caramel "As We Say 100"! What inspired you to start it up and what do you hope to achieve with it overall?

Caramel - First. I love talking to people. What inspired me is because there are alot of entrepreneurs that needs and want to be heard. My podcast is for entrepreneurs to tell their truth meaning everyone didn't come rich or become a boss overnight. Tell the listeners how you became who you are today. Plus, it's not an interview, it's a conversation. I want my entrepreneurs to relax and have fun at the same time. So I felt it much needed.

Liz - If you could have anyone guest on your podcast, who would it be and why?

Caramel - OMG! I would have my favorite Actress Sandra Bullock. I would love to have a conversation with her about her life. I think she is great but I know she has a truth to tell and I would want to know.

Liz - What was your experience in modelling? You’re very photogenic!

Caramel - I loved modeling and yes very photogenic. The experience was great. I was in many magazines, fashion shows, posters, flyers and I hosted many model and music events. I also meet many famous people in my modeling career.

Liz - Your book In Love with the Other Man was made into a motion picture in which you also starred in – Congratulations! What was that process like and how long did it take?

Caramel - The process was very fun. I had many great actors and actresses who dedicated their time and talent. The filming with 3Macs and A Nerd Production and Hope Production was great. The process was easy when you have great people behind you 100%. It took me about 9 months to finish the whole production.

Liz - Have you any other acting roles under your belt?

Caramel - Yes. I do. I have been in many films.

Liz - You also write poetry. Can you share one of your poems with us?

Caramel - Yes, I do. "Strong Woman" A strong woman is a woman who has been through the scars and has picked up the pieces to rebuild herself. She regains her ability to come back and becomes stronger than ever. She has been through challenges of life which makes her grow mentally and emotionally. A strong woman moves forward with her head held high and have strength that cannot be denied. She is not afraid to fail because failure is another stepping stone to greatness. A strong woman has been through the storm and survived. You are a WARRIOR!

Liz - Do you have a preference between writing poetry and fiction?

Caramel - NO. I love both. I just love writing.

Liz - You’re also a gifted motivational speaker—who are your target audience and what kind of things do you talk about?

Caramel - Teenagers ,.Young Adults and Adults. I talk about relationships, online dating, abuse, making your life easier and your life, live for you.(confidence and motivation)

Liz - Is there any end to your talents? You’re also a stand-up comic which is truly amazing! How did this come about?

Caramel - Yes I love comedy. As I stated earlier, I love people. My family and friends always thought I was funny but being funny to your family and friends is easy. So I thought about it for a while and when I relocate to Orlando, Florida I decided to take an improv class and I started performing improv and I love it. I perform improv for about 4 years or so and I felt I can go to the next level and I started taking a standup comedy class and after we graduated my first performance on the stage was horrific. I was nervous, scared and terrified. Looking at 300 people in the audience and this was my first time I bomb big time. I thought I was going to quit but it motivated me to continue. The next show I did was amazing and that's when I knew this is for me.

Liz - In this vein, you’ve created a new YouTube interview channel for Comedians which I bet will be hilarious! When does it kick off and who do you have on board so far?

Caramel - This will kick of this year around October. I can't wait! I know this is going to be FUN!

Liz - Who would be your crowing jewel comedian to interview and why?

Caramel - I have alot of comedians that I think is great. But I will interviewing the.comedians that want to have fun, so mostly underground COMEDIANS just want to get out there.

Liz - Tell us about your latest tattoo and what inspired it?

Caramel - My latest tattoo is "2 Blessed 2 be Stressed" To me life is to short to be stressing about things you can't control. I am blessed every day to see a new day and I want to live every moment without stressing over things.

Liz - Do you have any more poetry or books in the works?

Caramel - Yes, Actually I am in another poetry book that should be out soon. This will be my third and I am super excited about it.

Liz - What does your perfect day look like?

Caramel - A perfect day for me is waking up and able to start a new day with a new outlook. To me yesterday was the past and today is your present and you live for today and that's my perfect day.

Liz - Where can our readers follow you.

Caramel - You can FOLLOW me on my website listen to my podcast Instagram @mscaramellucas. Facebook: Caramel Lucas LinkedIn: Caramel Lucas. Twitter: @Ms__Caramel and you will see the movie on my website 18 and up because it is erotic.


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