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The Last House On Needless Street - Catriona Ward

This is the story of a murderer. A stolen child. Revenge. This is the story of Ted, who lives with his young daughter Lauren and his cat Olivia in an ordinary house at the end of an ordinary street.

All these things are true. And yet some of them are lies. An unspeakable secret binds the family together, and when a new neighbour moves in next door, the truth may destroy them all. Because there's something buried in the dark forest at the end of Needless Street. But it's not what you think...

Genre: Thriller

Rating: 4.5/5

Favourite Quotes:

"I can't always tell, but this time I'm pretty sure I'm about to do something important."

"Maybe she is spending a while in one of the memories that lie around the house, in drifts as deep as snow."

"The body's reaction to fear are so similar to that of love."

"People who have lived together for many generations share a special kind of madness."


This book is 100% not what you expect going into it--and I was so there for it! It was one of the few books I've read where I honestly had no idea what was going on right up until the end (and even then I scratched my head). It was extraordinary how all the pieces weaved together, leaving you to question the true extent of our capabilities and just how much the mind can take. I was totally thrown when I came across the first chapter from Olivia's perspective! (You will know what I mean when you read it). There is sadness, loss, and cruelty, but there's also humour and the endless pursuit to find the silver lining. A bloody good read.


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