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The Island - Adrian McKinty

You should not have come to the island.

You should not have been speeding.

You should not have tried to hide the body.

You should not have told your children that you could keep them safe.

No one can run forever . . .

Genre: Thriller

Rating: 3.5./5

Favourite Quotes:

"Her mother claimed that sadness always leaked through the eyes."

"The red disk of the sun had sunk into the mainland, leaving throbbing waves of heat in its wake."

"The cure for everything is salt water; tears, sweat or the sea."


I always love reading books set here in Australia, and the author has done a beautiful job of recreating the vividness of the Australian outback. So that was a huge tick! While this book was well-paced and it did keep me reading, I found it hard to really connect with any of the characters. Instead of their flaws drawing me to them, I just didn't care which of the characters survived and which didn't. Yet the story unfolds well and I loved the contrast between them stranded on the island, with the freedom of mainland visible in the distance. Though there was a lot of action and tension, I didn't love the way the ending panned out. It felt too neatly packaged for me and left me feeling dissatisfied.


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