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Kelly Hashway & A Vision a Day Keeps the Killer Away

Kelly Hashway originates from northern New Jersey, but currently resides in Northeastern Pennsylvania, USA.

She's published over 80 books, with 45 cozy mysteries, 14 young adult books, 10 childrens' books, and 10 romances under a pen name.

A Vision A Day Keeps the Killer Away is an adult cozy mystery and a part of a series spanning 20 books.

A fun fact about Kelly is that she recite the alphabet backward faster than forward,a talent she discovered in high school while bored in the cafeteria one day.

You can follow Kelly at the below:

Tiktok handle (and other social media)

Tiktok: @kellyhashway

Instagram: @khashway

Twitter: @kellyhashway

Facebook: @KellyHashwayCozyMysteryAuthor


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