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Lynn Lipinski & Bloodlines

Lynn Lipinski grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which she states was named the "most average city in United States" by market researchers. It's sort of Southern but also sort of Western. Kind of unique that way. It is also the setting of BLOODLINES and SERPENT LOOP) Though she has resided in Los Angeles since her college days. Lynn has three books under her belt. Bloodlines and Serpent Loop are two mysteries with the character Zane Clearwater, a down on his luck every man who gets into some bad situations with his teenage sister Lettie. Her third book is God of the Internet, a techno thriller about terrorist hackers and the woman who holds the key to stopping them from taking over water and power systems and banking systems. God of the Internet was named one of Kirkus Reviews' Best of Indie Books in 2016.

The target audience for her books is mystery thrillers.

A fun fact about Lynn is that five years ago, she spent four days watching heavy metal bands play in a muddy cow pasture in a little German town called Wacken. Together with her husband, they saw Iron Maiden, Whitesnake, Blind Guardian, Twisted Sister, Saxon, Testament, Ministry and dozens of other bands play.

You can follow Lynn at the below sites:

Tiktok handle (and other social media) TT: @ lynnlipinski IG: @ lynnlipinskiauthor FB: @ lynnlipinskiwriter

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