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Naomi Kelly and Meraki - A Syren Story

Naomi Kelly joins us all the way from Ireland with her YA Fantasy, Meraki - A Syren Story. Naomi has published three books and is currently working on her fourth and fifth. Meraki is part of a duology, with the sequal, Kairos, coming out soon.

A fun fact about these two books is that all the syrens are named after birds!

About Meraki - A Syren Story:

"Keep an eye on her," he says loud enough for me to hear across the deck, "Make sure she doesn't try to fling herself overboard again. I have no intention of letting her slip away."

Her song is a gift bestowed by the gods; so why does it feel like a curse? Seventeen-year-old Wren thinks she has just swum away from the greatest threat in the sea. That's until she finds herself being hauled upon a warlord's boat. With her life at the mercy of a young, temperamental King, Wren must decide who is her ultimate enemy.Can Fate be altered? What do gods have planned?

Syrens are bound to tell the truth, but that doesn’t mean their lives cannot be riddled with lies.

I read the first chapter for Tiktok's Bookish Down Under, which you can watch here:

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