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William Gensburger & Texas Dead

Author William Gensburger was born in Hong Kong when it was still a British colony. Later in life he graduated college in South California and now reside in Texas, north of Houston.

Texas Dead is William's debut novel with the sequel, The Extremist out later this year. William also has one anthology called Distant Rumors. It contains 16 stories themed around life and death in its many forms such as death, death of a marriage, hope for the future etc. He also have a book of editorials published in a Californian newspaper (Homo Idiotus) that deals with the insanity of life in a humorous way.

Texas Dead is a mystery set in Corpus Christi, Texas, featuring a very strong female lead detective who is a bit of a celebrity by the number of cases and high-profile aspect cases that she has closed. The audience should be anyone who loves strong character driven plots. For a murder mystery there is very little detail of the killings and loads of character development.

A fun fact about William is that he was an extra in the original film Red Dawn (1984) and had solo screen time.

You can follow William here: Tiktok @williamgensburger


Twitter @Misterwriter,


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